Tuesday, November 2, 2010

What Is the Plural of Ottoman: OttoMEN?

This post doesn't fall under the parameters of the FreeSourceFull project but it DOES count as RESourceFull! 

Mark does a lot of RV renovation and I am his upholsterer!  I LOVE the challenge!  I love making something ugly into something beautiful (I bet you've figured that out about me by now)!  And I love trying to do it on as little money as possible (also probably not a surprise)! 

I'll have pictures of a complete remodel soon!  But, for today, I just get to show you an ottoman renovation that is the final touch to Mark's latest project.

This is not the original ottoman (because you know how I get excited about a project and forget to take "before" pictures!) but this is pretty much what it looked like -- ugly and skirted and stale. 

And this is what it looks like now!  All sleek and sophistocated and spiffy!  The fabric has a sheen to it that I'm not sure was captured in the photograph that makes it all the better!

And there are pillows to match (two for the recliners and one for the sofa)!  All for a total of $27 (he splurged on 3 yards of $8.50 fabric).

I just folded the skirt up with angles at the corners like wrapping a gift and stapled it to the underside.  Then I took the staple gun to it again -- stretching the fabric over it, pleating the corners, and stapling it on the underside.  Ottoman recover and pillow creation took less than an hour!

The best part is that Mark acts like I've achieved some sort of miracle or something!  I think he really knows how to use praise to his advantage!  But I have a blast doing it so it's all good!

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  1. This is probably an outdated and sexist term anyway. "Ottoperson," with its plural "Ottopeople" would be better, but that still has colonialist and imperialist connotations, given the expansion of the Ottoman Empire and all. After all, did the Greeks and the Macedonians really want to be considered "Ottomans"? Perhaps the best term would be "Persons relating to Turkik and other Colonized Peoples."

    Or maybe just "footrest."