Thursday, November 4, 2010

Catch and Release

Even I throw things back some times.  Perhaps it's good karma to make a sacrifice to the curb karma gods every now and then? 

On Saturday Mark loaded up the truck and we got rid of a bunch of junk.  There was old carpet and some sofa cushions that had gotten ruined -- SO glad to get rid of those!  A wicker chair with the seat broken out that could have been fixed with a piece of plywood cut to fit the seat but, if it hasn't happened in YEARS, it will probably never will, right?  It hasn't happened, so out it went!  The world's heaviest blue recliner that we had kept around in case we needed to put it in one of Mark's RVs was left next to a dumpster for another brave soul (most likely male!) to claim.  The trajedy was a vintage olive leather arm chair that was very cool -- until it got left out in the rain a time or two which it didn't take well to.  I'm very sad that I let this one get ruined.  But, oh well, there was no saving it at that point.

Lastly, were Mark's red chairs.  They were $2 each at a garage sale and they are quite retro-fun but they are HEAVY and they just never worked out anywhere.  So yesterday we set them on the curb on a semi-busy street.  They were gone in FIVE MINUTES!  I'm very happy for their new owner and hope they live happily ever after in a better home than we could give them!

So I hope those of you who were worried about any potential hoarder tendencies on my part are reassured at least a little about my ability to clean out and let go!

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