Sunday, June 27, 2010

Dumpster Diving Bounty - June 26, 2010

Queen size down comforter
bed pillow
mixing bowl
vintage aluminum measuring cup
vintage floral print
2 hanging wire planter baskets
Aeropostale hoodie
Old Navy hoodie
gray corduroy pants (in my size)
red hooded sweater
hot pink cami top
sunflower painting
vintage doctor's bag
notebook paper
vintage china coffee cup
hanging floral arrangement
(with 15 pheasant feathers I've wanted for years!)
plastic storage bin
men's sandals
2 aprons
coffee mug

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

It Starts Out Ugly!

(Note: Be sure to read the explanation side bar to the right to understand my project!)

Actually, I feel very mean saying my little house is ugly because it's really kinda cute on the outside. But, trust me, the inside wears a definite cloak of ugly! But that's the point: that it starts out ugly and then we get the joy of watching it blossom!

Let me introduce you!

Welcome to 419 S. Taylor Street! Our cute little house was built in 1915 and is about 1100 square feet. In most rooms, it has the original woodwork -- still unpainted after 95 years and with that wonderful vintage patina and crazing!

It has two original bedrooms and a sunporch that we've decided to use as the master bedroom.

It has a bath and a half. The main bathroom has been remodelled. The half has not.

The front porch has been enclosed.

The kitchen is tiny with loud blue and yellow watercolor-stroke plaid wall paper and evidence of smoke damage.

The living room sports a 50's era "picture window" and adjoins the dining room.

Ugly 70's panelling covers most of the walls. Dingy gray carpet covers orignal hardwood floors.

It also has a cute little Model T-sized one-car garage, a three tiered backyard that we've heard was really something in the 20's, a very old log cabin children's playhouse, and an intriguing attic window that has not access from inside the house (but that I have plans for!).

The house spoke to me immediately. And a vision for it formed quickly thereafter. And I was in love.

Over the next few posts, let me introduce you to my little house room by room. And then I'll let you see what I've done to it so far. And then I'll let you continue to watch the blossoming process -- with all it's ups and downs and thrilling finds and frustrating obstacles! Come along!