Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Candles for Couch Potatoes!

If you're not one of those people who is going to use weights for fitness purposes (like, um, ME!), you can use them for ambiance purposes! This alleviates at least some of the guilt!  And it gives you something to look at from your perch on the couch!

Sorry my photography is substandard as usual. If anyone wants to send me a fancy-pants high resolution, mega-pixel digital camera, I can maybe fix that! Until then, just squint and try to be patient with me!


I adore my candle grouping. The candle holders are mostly old metal weights. I'm lucky that Mark is such a hunky Mr. Universe because he let me have all those pesky little weights that are too light for him to bother his massive muscles with! There is also a wonderful old rusty cog, a weathered old flag pole holder bracket thingy, one actual real candle holder (the smallest one on the table) and, somewhere in my world but not on this table at the moment unfortunately, a rusty circular saw blade. You can slap an candle on top of many things, why not use something interesting, textural, and unusual?

In case you were wondering, all the candles were free from dumpsters or very cheap from the thrift store (but you probably knew that already!).

A recent guest said it looks like we're preparing to have seances!  Hmmm... that's an idea!  We're pretty sure we have some transparent roommates in this house!

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