Thursday, November 18, 2010

Angels in Pickup Trucks

Several weeks ago I received an email from an old high school friend who reads my blog.  Blatantly disregarding my "no donations rule", Stephanie cleverly justified her rebellion by calling her pickup truck a "moveable dumpster".  And she was offering to fill this "moveable dumpster" with STUFF and deliver it to my doorstep!  In her words...

"I have a BUNCH of stuff...odd pieces of furniture...some used and abused, paint, stuff, stuff, and more stuff that I will never do anything with (this I know), but I don't have the heart to throw it away either.  And I have a small truck.  And a significant other who wants the garage for his man cave.  So I was thinking  - give me a heads up the next time you are in Enid, and I will be more than willing to turn my little truck into your personal dumpster.  Pick anything you want, I'll dump the rest." 

That "no donations" rule was really stupid anyway. 

So Stephanie -- from here on to be referred to as ANGEL Stephanie! -- really did bring me a truckload of stuff.  WONDERFUL STUFF:  a bench, three antique rocking chairs, three antique floor lamps, LOTS of paint, four bins full of tools, a gajillion glass beads, and lots of other wonderful stuff, and two sets of organizer drawers full of all sorts of hardware that I SO value because it gets me down the road with my projects without $ or a trip to the store!  Let me show you!

Angel Stephanie and Clint (who, apparently, is a really good sport!)

I adore this rocking chair and can't wait to make a new seat cushion for it!

Well, the computer refuses to let me upload any more photos so I that's it for today!  Guess what tomorrow's post will be about!

It was wonderful to see Angel Stephanie again!  Of course, the Taylor house was at its absolute WORST!  My last three trips to Enid have consisted of screeching into town late, throwing items for the garage sale (that never seems to happen) into the house, adding in some dumpster diving treasures, and blowing out of town in about 36 hours.  Also, sometimes I think men just can't help but live like pigs -- er, I mean bachelors! -- when left to their own devices (no, actually, I think that happens to us all when we're busy)!  Add to that a down comforter with a hole it in (it looks like Mark's been killing chickens in the bedroom!) and the fact that the power was off!  All that adds up to a dark, cold, very non-magazine looking house for me to show off to Angel Stephanie.  Ugh.  I'm pretty sure all her pretty illusions about my freesourcefull house have been shattered and her hoarding antenae are up and sniffing around!

I emailed her that I was freaking out about all of the above.  This was her reply:

Stop freaking out. We have no standards, no expectations, but we do have our pants! See you @ 1!

To which I couldn't resist replying:

Oh thank God!  I was SO worried you were going to come without pants!

Heehee!  We crack me up!  I'm so delighted to have Stephanie and her brain and her sense of humor back in my life -- with or without a truckload of goodies!  Facebook has given me back so many wonderful friends that I'd lost track of over the years!

More tomorrow (I hope... but, because I promised, it probably won't happen because that's just my luck)!

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  1. That chair is AWESOME!!!!!

    How is November almost over and we still haven't gotten together????

    yeah for pants. It's cold outside.