Friday, November 5, 2010

Pampered Pets

I adore making pet beds!  Perhaps it's the little girl in me finding an outlet for my childhood doll bed passion.  Perhaps it's the fun I have watching the household animal politics of who gets which bed and when -- it's great fun to watch someone try to sneak a nap in someone else's bed!  Perhaps it's just creative use of junk on a small enough scale that I can have LOTS of them!  Regardless, I have the BEST time! 

Here are a few examples of pet beds I've created.  Tune in tomorrow for another installment after I take more pictures this evening!

This is Emily's "purse dog", Juliet.  Her bed is made from a vintage tomato crate, a tan ticking stripe feather pillow, and four vintage wooden thread spools for feet.  As you can see, she's pretty happy with it!  And it keeps her from getting stepped on in all the hustle bustle in the kitchen!

This is my attempt at getting Torpedo, our Jack Russell mix, out of my bed.  I made this bed to match my bedroom  -- splurging on $12 worth of pink and brown toile fabric that I adore -- I like it so much I stole the pink pillow for my own bed!  The rest of the components were free: drawer, legs, brown fabric, mattress foam, and pillow stuffing.

Here's a "before" shot of the drawer.

This is a detailing of the legs that I used on this bed and another -- just stuff I had stashed in the garage.

This is Hollister.  This wicker carrier was $4 at a garage sale.  The mattress is a folded-up free quilted pillow sham.  Juliet rejected this bed.  Holllister immediately moved right in!  There's nothing cuter than sleeping kittens!

More tomorrow!

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