Monday, November 22, 2010

Catching Up With Myself!

This post is a whole jumble of miscellaneous items each not quite worthy of their own posts!

Whew!  Another quick weekend run to Enid!  This time for Mark's birthday!  I happened into the Potter's House thrift store the day they received someone's whole Coca-Cola collection so Mark got a whole basket full of individually-wrapped Coke items for his birthday and I spent very little dinero which is all the better to both of us!  Of course, I forgot to take photos but there were two bottle openers, a cardboard Santa holding a Coke, four tiny Coke mugs, a set of Coke machine salt and pepper shakers, a deck of Coke playing cards, a Coke mug, and whatever else I'm forgettting!  Mark loves collecting Coke stuff and I have a great time finding stuff for him!

We did some great dumpster diving yesterday which involved both Mark and I climbing all the way into the dumpster!  We conclude every dumpster-diving episode with Mark saying, "We have a problem!".  No, Mark, we have FUN!  Here are just a couple of items we snagged.

Santa will be holding the "Garage Sale" sign at our upcoming garage sale (until someone, hopefully, buys him!).  The little table will fit perfectly somewhere -- can't wait to see where that is!

In reselling for profit news:

I took three trash bags of aluminum cans to the recycling center this morning:  13lbs. = $7.15!

Sold five books to the Dickson Street Bookstore: $10.

I have a stack of dumpster kids' clothes (mostly Old Navy, some with tags still on them!) that will be going to the resale store as soon as I wash them.  I'm always nervous about selling clothes because of the potential of soul-crushing rejection (they can see spots that are invisible to me!) but I'll let you know how it goes!

I was finally able to get photos of a few things I've mentioned before but not had photos of so here they are!

The original 1915 hardware in the house just fascinates me.  To me, they are just works of art.  I often ponder who has touched these doorknobs.  They were there on big days in history.  Who touched that door knob on Pearl Harbor day?  On the day Kennedy was assassinated (BTW, that was 47 years ago today)?  On the day man stepped on the moon?  On the day I was born (and on the day my mother was born too!)?  How did they feel those days? 

The fancy doorknob!

The plain but still-full-of-character doorknob!

The artistic hinge.

The plain but handsome hinge.
I didn't notice until just now that this hinge has a 4 on it!  Our lucky number! 

And here's a picture of the third rocking chair from Angel Stephanie.

I'm about to get a lesson in how to replace that missing arm!  But I love it!

Here are the vintage adding machines that Mark got with the vintage radios ($4 for all).  The older adding machine is one of our favorite things!  We love to lay in bed and look at it (because it's across from the bed)and marvel that it even came with extra paper!

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