Thursday, November 25, 2010

There Are Naked Women In My Bathroom!

And now, to rev up your Thanksgiving...

I found these nudes in a dumpster.  They hang in the main bathroom at 419 S. Taylor.  They are oil on canvas -- very much like REAL art!  I like the subtle colors and the impressionistic shapes.  Actually, I think they're pretty good considering how awful most amateur art is (my apologies to amateur artists everywhere!). 

Here are a couple of closer-ups so you can see them better (or, in case you're a pervert!). 

I think the artist gave up on this one when the face wouldn't come together.  But, somehow, it's rather intriguing in its borderline grotesqueness.  I'm always trying to figure out what the face was supposed to end up looking like!

This one has a tendency to look like slabs of flesh but, if you look deeper, the mirror images and the artist's figure and the easels in the background provide an interesting mental excursion.

To me, the sign of good art is the blending of unexpected colors in unexpected places into something that looks incredibly accurate.  If I were to try to paint flesh, I would use flesh tones.  This artist clearly knows more than I do because these flesh tones have patches of blue and purple and green and orange and it comes out looking like real skin! 

To me, these nudes provide interest for the eye but they also provide amusement for the brain!  Should I take them down when my very demure mother-in-law comes over?  Would she be just completely scandalized? What about my step-sons?  Do guests find them embarrassing?  Inspiring?  Mark sometimes takes them down when I've been away too long.  I guess that answers one of my questions!  Or maybe they're just ugly? 

What do YOU think?  Please leave me some comments!  I get lonely talking to myself!

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