Monday, November 8, 2010

Pampered Pets Revisited

The best wayI know of to NOT do something is to say I WILL!  I said on Friday that I would post the rest of the photos of the pet beds "tomorrow" and thereby, in saying so, I jinxed myself!  But, working on the bette-late-than-never principle, here they are!

This bed is made from an old stray dining chair that was free. 
There's always a different dog or cat in it.Luckily, we've had no brawls over it!

I expect one day to find that they're made a schedule and posted it on the fridge! 
This is an old doll bed that I found at a garage sale for $4.
 It's the perfect size for cats!  They love this "top shelf" vantage point!
Both these beds, like the ones in the previous post, were made from junk I had stashed in the garage.  The mattresses were cut from old sofa cushions that I picked up for the foam.  I'll confess to spending a few dollars on a couple of yards of black and white toile fabric.  I could have used something free for the fabric but I just couldn't abandon the vision of the toile that I had in my mind's eye.  I've got to watch myself with the toile fabrics -- I could easily use it in a different color in every room!  So far I have blue (front hall), red (front porch), black (office and dog beds), and pink/brown (master bedroom).  I'm trying very hard to restrain myself from the red/gold combo.  Now watch!  I'll find it in a dumpster!  But that would be great because it would totally justify it -- can't argue with what the cosmos brings me, right?

By the way, I just have to point out the vintage desk chair in the background of the first photo.  Salvation Army $30.  It  has a beautiful original patina.  You can buy them new from Pottery Barn (without the patina) for $399!  E-gad!

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