Thursday, November 11, 2010

Curb Appeal Makeover

Forgive me for forgoing the free stuff for a minute -- I haven't been in Enid for quite a few weeks and I'm running out of photos (but, never fear, I'm going this weekend)! 

In my free time (ha!) I have a little side business called Upstage.  I stage houses that are for sale and optimize houses for people who are staying put.  It's great fun!  Mostly what I do is furnish EMPTY houses that are for sale. 

Every once in a while I get a chance to do one of my very favorite things:  a curb appeal makeover!  This post features a curb appeal makeover I got to do recently.  We didn't do it up completely (for example, it wasn't in the budget to repaint the whole exterior) but this shows how much difference a little paint (on the door and the new porch rails) and polish and COLOR can make!

Porch Before

Porch with new rails, new red door, new mailbox, new house numbers, and new porch light.
This picture just makes me HAPPY!

Carport Before

Carport with lattice removed and jazzed up with a couple of red Adirondack chairs!
Don't you just want to sit a spell?

Remember this chair makeover from a previous post?  This is where they went!

Here, for your appreciation, is a shot of the old mailbox, storm door, astroturf, and "No Soliciting" sign.

And here's the spiffy new mailbox and house numbers! 
I also spray painted the old brass doorbell with bronze to subdue it's outdated shininess a bit!
Front facade before.

Front facade after (with quite a bit of help from the landscapers)!

Next idea:  red wooden shutters!

Many thanks to Cheri for letting me play with her mama's house and for trusting the vision in my head!

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