Wednesday, October 13, 2010


Remember (if you're old enough!) watching Bewitched? 

Samantha could just wiggle her nose and instantly the house was clean or someone was transformed into a cow or a Bon Appetit style chocolate cake just appeared on a chrystal cake stand!

Samantha's little daugher, Tabitha, in possession of less developed powers, had "wishcraft" which caused whatever she desired to simply appear with just a finger-assisted wiggle of the nose. 

Seems to me that wishcraft is all I would need! You can make plenty of things happen with just wishcraft!

Actually, in less dramatic ways, I believe I already DO have wishcraft!  Let me show you!

Early on in the work at 419 S. Taylor, I had only a few basic tools.  I had a hammer that cost $1.96 at the thrift store.  I had a phillips head screwdriver that was in my car (ok, I cheated but later I found one in a dumpster). 

I was puttering around the house doing little projects and I kept needing a standard slot screwdriver.  Seemingly every task I came to needed a standard screwdriver.  And I kept looking for a screwdriver.  And I kept wishing for a screwdriver.  And I was getting frustrated!  

I couldn't just go buy a screwdriver because that would be like FOUR DOLLARS and I'm totally too conservative with my meager FreeSourceFull funds to do THAT!  Besides, I enjoy the challenge of trying to accomplish the FREE (or almost free) part of FreeSourceFull!  I already knew from buying the hammer that the thrift store had no screwdrivers at the moment (I've since found a pawn shop and a thrift store that always have whole bins of 25 cent screwdrivers!).  So I was stuck -- in that man's hell of not having the right tool for the job!

Several hours later I was wandering around looking for non-screwdriver-requiring tasks when I noticed that a couple of the light bulbs in the fixture over the bathroom sink were burnt out.  Having recently splurged a whole 77 cents for a pack of four light bulbs from Walmart, I climbed up on the toilet to replace the bulbs.  From my new, higher vantage point, look at what I saw:

Yes, lying there on top of the medicine cabinet was a phillips-head screwdriver!  Just left there for my to find by God by way of some poor guy who couldn't figure out where he'd left his screwdriver -- but a gift for me nonetheless and I had been lead straight to it on a very circuitous route!

More recently, really I needed a magic eraser sponge. Ordinary rags and sponges just wouldn't do for this job.  Ridiculously, I didn't want to spend a whole $2.18 plus tax on one.  I know that sounds really cheap but it was probably more that I didn't want to drive all the way to Walmart and I really wanted to work within the free concept -- AND the wishcraft principle!  And then I decided to clean out a flower bed and Voila!

But my favorite instance of wishcraft is this:  I was wishing for a bed for my youngest daughter Sara-Grace's room.  I had in my mind's eye an idea of what I wanted but I had no funds to buy with and no prospects in mind.  A week later I saw the perfect bed, in pieces, lying by the curb on the next street over from my house!  It was even better than I had hoped for (though it doesn't look too spiffy in this pre-repainting photo)! 

I heard somewhere once that we all have guardian angels surrounding us at all times who are very eager to help us but they can't read our minds.  We have to speak our desires out loud so they can hear.  This really works! Speak your wish out loud and things will come to you!  Sometimes they come through people who've heard you speak of them and sometimes they come on their own and you just find them but they DO come!

Oh!  And there's another term for "wishcraft"!  It's also known as "the Lord will provide"!  And He does!

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