Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Wascally Wabbits!

My darling daughter Tesakiah (who is riding around with me today instead of going to school because she just had knee surgery on Monday) just pointed out to me that we haven't found anything free today.  Actually, I DID see something free on the curb but I gladly passed it up.  It was a rabbit cage.  I've had rabbit cages before and, let me assure you, if you have a rabbit cage, someone is going to want to put a rabbit in it! 

It's hard to see, but here's a picture of the rabbit cage. 

I've already lived the rabbit nightmare.  Four innocent-looking little bunnies turned into SIXTY RABBITS in just a few months!  I am not exaggerating.  We quickly ran through all the usual bunny names:  Flopsy, Mopsy, Peter, Cottontail, Magic, Bugs, Fluffy, Fuzzy and quickly progressed to Fred, George, and Bob.One "OOPS!" in the separating of the sexes and 4-6 more bunnies would appear. This became a very good birth control lesson for my children.

Luckily we were renovating a property with a barn at the time so we had a place to keep them.  But we had to drive there to feed them every day.  Usually in the dark.  And in the cold.  And it was NOT FUN! 
The procreation lesson turned into a zoology lesson when we learned what a fisher is!  A fisher, for those of you who aren't zoologists, is in the weasel family and loves to eat rabbits.  This fisher, who looks like a giant ferret, figured out that we had a barn full of rabbits and quickly took up residence nearby.  Often, he could open the cages but, when he couldn't he could somehow kill and eat a caged rabbit leaving just a scrap of fur.  It was like a horror movie for bunnies!  But it did help control the population, althrough tragically. 

Eventually, between the carnage and some re-homing, we got out of the bunny business.  And so I can pretty much guarantee you that I will pass up all free rabbit cages forever and ever.  Amen!

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