Sunday, October 10, 2010

On A Pedestal

When I first laid eyes on this pedestal table, it was in two pieces in a pile of junk and the pedestal looked like this:

I also found these two kind-of Louis-the-whatever-the-number-is chairs at the same time:

My vision of what could be was instantaneous!  And you can see it instantaneously below:

I like the set so much it I snagged it for my Fayetteville house and it appears here in my living room. I love to sit here and lose myself in my decorating books and magazines. The fireplace is just out of the shot to the left so I may camp out here all winter!

Here's a picture of the pedestal detail after paint.
An after picture of the chair detail.

I painted the chairs black and sprayed the gold handles with metallic chrome spray paint (which is very different, texturally and visually, from plain old silver spray paint) that I bought at an estate sale for 50 cents.  I had planned to cover the seats with black and white toile but, once the chairs were black, I liked the blue seats after all -- and they match the walls.  I'm still waiting to find some free caning so I can replace the damaged cane backs on the chairs.  For now, pillows cover the damage well enough.

I am very enamored of the transformation this lamp underwent.  My "before" picture is pretty bad but you can probably make out that it was a really ugly antiqued gold with a snipped-off plug and looked like it was just begging to be put out of its ugly misery.

Ugly lamp.

Beautiful lamp.

Close-up of the crackled glass ball on beautiful lamp.


  1. love the way you do things !

  2. love the table in the corner !

  3. WOW!!
    Love all that you have created so far