Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Corrupting Our Children

I think it all started with the Kinko's dumpster.  They throw out the most wondeful copy paper boxes -- WITH LIDS!  So I'd swing by periodically because a borderline-hoarder like me can't have too many boxes.  My philosophy is:  the more shelves and matching boxes you have, the more stuff you get to KEEP!

Here's a view of lovely lidded boxes in the Kinko's dumpster. 

My kids were horrified.  "Oh PLEASE, Mom!  DON'T get in the dumpster!  Someone might see us!", they'd plead.  Little did they know that was just the beginning.

I do understand how they feel.  My mother did embarrassing things too -- like cruise through the DerWeinersnitzel drive thru with her best friend after they'd drawn on "pencil-thin" mustaches (thank the Jimmy Buffet song)!  No, actually, that was hilarious!  But then, I didn't happen to be along for the ride at the time so the horror of it may not have been fully apparent to me.

When my dumpster habit progressed beyond Kinkos boxes, the girls would sit in the car, slumped down so no one could see them, with their arms crossed across their chests, big grimaces on their faces, muttering about how I was humiliating them and that such humiliation constitutes child abuse in some states and they were pretty sure this is one of them!

Finally one day it happened.  We were digging through our favorite dumpster (sorry, the location is a secret!).  Tessa decided to get out of the car and take a look.   There was this bottle of nail polish.  In a particularly appealing shade.  She set her sights on it but it proved ellusive.  You may not be aware of this but small items tend to slither down into the bottom of the dumpster as one attempts to retrieve them -- like they're trying to get away or something.  So Tessa chased the nail polish with her hands and then with a clothes hanger she found in the dumpster and then she was hanging over the edge of the dumpster.  Finally, she climbed in, dug to the bottom, and captured it.  She brandished her prize in the air and cheered as we all applauded.  You'd have thought she'd won an Oscar!  After that she was hooked.  Sara-Grace had gotten in on the hunt helping Tessa so she caught the bug as well.  Two down!

On this particular day, Tessa spent half a hour in this dumpster -- mainly digging out vintage post cards dated from 1910 to 1920.

Here is a picture of me begging her to get out.

 Noah and Sara-Grace have scored lots of fun dumpster bounty. They have complete sets of playing cards and dominoes, many matchbox cars, and an intact Monopoly game. Noah (aka "Game Boy") was incredulous that someone would throw away a Monopoly game. Below, Sara-Grace sports a bike helmet she found (and an attitude!). Noah's favorite find was a Star Wars spoon that lights up (don't worry, we washed it!).

Kota has seemingly missed out on all the dumpster diving.  I think he got  his driver's license just in time to miss out on being dragged around for all our scavenging fun!  But I think if we found some car parts he'd be hooked!

Emily still refuses to dumpster dive.  I suppose that could be social suicide in high school.  When I asked her what, in her opinion, was the best free item we've found she requested NOT to be quoted in my dumpster diving blog (therefore, I paraphrased her!  Hee hee!).  But Emily has come around to thrift stores.  She realized that Hollister sweatshirts costs $40+ at the mall but you can buy them for $3-4 at the thrift store.  She did a little math and the sum reflected positively on her closet and she was a convert.  But don't tell anyone!  Personally, I think getting 10 shirts for the price of 1 is something to be proud of! 

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