Monday, October 25, 2010

The Tale of the 27 Cent Bed

One of Enid's wonderful thrift stores has a brilliant six-week rotating mark-down schedule.  Items are at regular price for their first three weeks in the store.  On the 4th week, they are marked down 33%.  On the 5th week, they are marked down 66%.  On the 6th week, anything remaining is 27 cents.  ANYTHING!  27 CENTS! 

I frequently ponder why they chose this seemingly-arbitrary, awkward number. Why 27 cents instead of simply a quarter? I don't know but I'm thinking it's some weird Enid thing because another Enid thrift store has a final mark-down price of 23 cents! Either way, I don't argue! And I certainly don't tell them that I'd pay 50 cents for most of it!

It wasn't until my second pass through the bargain basement section one day that my eyes focused in on this:

A bed for 27 cents!  Maybe it was because it lacked rails.  Maybe everyone else just lacked vision.  I don't know, but I can make rails.  And I had a vision!

Soon after, "the vanity fairy" left a vanity on my doorstep.  I had told my friend John that it's against my rules to take donations when he offered it to me.  He humored me to my face and then very sneakily dropped it off at my house in the middle of the night!  Thanks John!  I greatly enjoy the mental image I have of John as "the vanity fairy" dressed in a pink tutu and tights with wings and a sparkly tiara and crown!  By the way, I have since relaxed my rule about accepting donations!  Why be rigid and ridiculous?

Here is the vanity in it's original state.  You can also see what the original hardwood floors look like.  I had rolled back the carpet to see the floors.  They need some cleaning but I think they'll be great -- better than that horrible carpet!

And here's another view of the bed and the vanity.

The vanity sat in the middle bedroom for a long time while I tried to conjure a vision for both the vanity and the room.  I kept seeing the orange paint from the hall on the vanity (remember, the orange paint that a previous resident had left in the garage?).  Eventually, I gave in and started painting it orange (I haven't quite finished it yet).  And then the bed wanted to be orange.  And then the wall wanted to be orange too.  And then the picture frames had to get in on it -- the copy cats!

I haven't had a chance to paint the three remaining walls the simple vanilla color I have planned.  And the room is quite a ways from where I want it to be -- maybe 60% of done.  But I want to share the process with you as well and the product!

I'm very proud of how little I've spent on the bedroom -- $13.03 total! 

Here's an accounting (please forgive me the formatting gremlins -- in draft form all these numbers line up!):

Bed                                                                            .27
Hollywood frame under the mattress                         FREE
Mattress and box springs                                          FREE
2 queen down comforters                                         FREE
White fitted sheet                                                     FREE
Bed pillows                                                             FREE
Two orange rose pillows                                          4.00
Brown bed skirt                                                       1.76
Vanity                                                                     FREE
Vanity stool                                                             FREE
White lamp                                                              FREE
3 picture frames                                                       FREE
Sheet music                                                             FREE
Pillows made from tan sweater                                    .27
Stuffing for pillows                                                   FREE
Vase                                                                       FREE
Pheasant feathers (from a dumpster wreath)             FREE
2 wall-hanging baskets                                             FREE
2 armless chairs                                                       FREE
White blanket covering chairs                                   FREE
    (until I can slipcover them!)
Brown velvet curtains                                               6.00
Curtain rod                                                              FREE
Finials for curtain rod                                               FREE
Orange duvet cover (not shown)                              FREE
Cabinet (former built-in)                                           FREE
New knobs                                                              FREE
Two vintage adding machines                                   FREE
7 vintage radios                                                        FREE
2 shutter bifold doors for shelves                              FREE
Shelf brackets                                                          FREE
Orange paint                                                            FREE
Small wall shelf (not shown)                                     FREE
Orange metal drawer (not shown)                                .50
Hobnail glass lamp and shade (not shown)               FREE
Glass candy dish (not shown)                                       .25
TOTAL                                                                   13.03

Here's another view of the bed so you can see the bed skirt.  One of the brown velvet curtains is on the bed as a throw in this shot but that was just temporary.  Later added a second free down comforter and a free orange and tan leaf-patterned duvet cover instead!


Here's an in-process stage of the vanity.

I love the ambiance of the framed sheet music.  And it goes well with the radio theme, I think!  The frames were free, the sheet music was free, the cardboard backing the sheet music was free! 

Here's a photo of some sheet music from a flea market that they want $1 a sheet for (I didn't buy it, of course)

I like my free sheet music better!

And here is a before picture of the armless chairs (the cushions are off to the side if you look closely).

I have them pushed together to make a love seat and they fit perfectly under the shelves that hold the vintage radios.  Eventually, I will make slipcovers for them but, for the moment, I threw a white, vintage coverlet over them which is far from ideal but will do until something wonderful arrives to make slipcovers with.  The perfectionist in me is ashamed to let you see them like this but then there's that thing I said earlier about letting you see the process as well as the product.  If I'm not transparent about the process, you will miss out on all the fun of watching the magical way things arrive!  There is so much God it in! 

Be sure to read tomorrow's blog post that I'm about to write about how God masqueraded as the dumpster/free fairies this morning and gave me something I've been wishing for!


  1. i love it with all my cheap little heart.

  2. free for lunch on say....Tuesday or Thursday?