Friday, October 15, 2010

Freesourcefull for Squirrels!

This just proves what a complete houseaholic I am! I saw this tree yesterday and, ever since, I've been wishing to be a squirrel so I can move in!

I have lived in this neighborhood for 15 years. When I'm in a walking phase, I walk down that path and by this tree every day -- sometimes twice a day! I have never noticed this hole before. But yesterday it just jumped out at me.

Most of the base of this tree is hollow so it looks like there's quite a bit of space in there. I'm sure the floor is lined with nuts.  I'm sure it has a lovely nest of squirrel fur in one corner.  I can't wait to get a flashlight and peer in there and see it all!  All the squirrels for blocks in every direction probably pine for this home!

Mark has a fascination with squirrels.  He has an awareness of them that I do not.  He constantly sees them and notices what they're up to.  I think we live animal incarnations in between human incarnations as kind-of spriritual adventure vacations!  Mark was definitely a squirrel.  Recently!  Maybe we can be squirrels together in our next incarnation and live in this tree!

I'm thinking it needs a mailbox and a door mat and a little welcome sign!  See?  I'll even do a curb appeal makeover on a squirrel house!


  1. Annie, Clearly this is a farie habitat. Of course you won't see them since they are invisible to humans during the day. If you suspect you have no faries in residence at the moment (and want some), you can attract them with sparkly, shiney things. If it weren't so close to sidewalk and street I would suggest funishing the outside a bit but given the human foot traffic there these faries would be more like apartment dwellers. :-)

  2. that was supposed to say furnish of course :-)