Saturday, October 9, 2010

In The Adirondacks


As a rule, I have a rule against plastic lawn chairs.  I detest them!  If you ever hear that someone gathered up every plastic chair off every porch in town and built a huge bonfire, you can save yourself speculating about the culprit -- that would be ME!

That said, these plastic Adirondack chairs are the exception.  Because they're Adirondacks.  And Adirondacks are cool.  Or they can be.  With paint.

These chairs were thrown out because they each have a crack at the back.  And I missed out on picking up a third one that had the same problem -- snoozed and losed!  To fix them, I just cut a piece of 1x2 wood to the right size, screwed into the plastic as a support, and painted it to match.  Ta da!

I did have to spring for Krylon Fusion spray paint that will adhere to plastic but, even then, I only spent about $12. 

The cushions (and three more like them) I found on the curb.  I love that they will coordinate perfectly when we paint the house that pale pink with white trim and black accents! 

We sit in chairs in the front yard and talk -- especially on summer nights.  I am very, very happy with them.  The only thing that could be better is if they were wood but this whole project, as you might remember, is about being resourceful rather than choosy!


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