Thursday, October 28, 2010

The Bathroom

"After" pictures prove much more effective if they are preceeded by "before" pictures, don't you think? 

That said, here are before pictures of the bathroom at 419 S. Taylor.  In actuality, they are "after" pictures of the remodel a previous resident did on the bathroom.  They actually did a pretty good job.  It's sleek and clean and functional.  But it's been stripped of any vintage charm it might once have had.  They even covered over the window which is both a sin and a crime in my book!  I've decided to give them the benefit of the doubt about the remodel (but not about the window!) and to presume that it was a disaster not worth saving. 

Ooh!  Shelves!  I LOVE shelves!  So much potenial for stashing fun stuff!
I don't think the dog liked being locked in the bathroom!  What do you think?

This last picture is a a tease of an after picture -- all totally free items" sheet shower curtain, shower rod, shower curtain rings, toilet paper basket, oil painting on the wall. I am particularly pleased with the oil painting. It's an abstract nude in neutral tones that is actually quite good -- and it came from a dumpster WITH a companion painting that hangs on the opposite wall! The only problem is my mother-in-law can never use our bathroom because of them! She might keel over!

My apologies in general for the tease -- I'll have to take the rest of the "after" pictures the next time I'm in Enid!  Hopefully you'll find it worth the wait in the end!
And one more thing:  there's a miracle that occurs regularly in this bathroom.  Even when we don't have the water turned on, enough water bubbles up in the toilet that it is fully functional!  God works even through toilets sometimes!  He has blessed up with plumbing! 

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