Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Today's Free Finds

I believe it's true that I can find something new on MOST days.  This morning started with seeing a TV cabinet and a media cabinet on the curb around the corner from my house.  I don't have a truck at the moment but I think it's close enough to just go pick up with a dollly.  Now, do I really want to pick them  up and have to see them before it rains?  I think the answer is yes!

I also found this fan on the curb. It inspired a new sidebar for the blog: "Does It Work?". Usually, they do! I took it home and plugged it in and voila! It's not pretty but IT WORKS! I think a little cleaning will go a long way. I think this is my third free fan!

Later I was driving on the highway and found this washboard which I risked life and limp to pick up off the side of the road (ok, not really, but it sounds like good drama)!  They're usually around $28 at the flea market.  I can't decide if I want to keep this one or sell it.  Oh!  Just had a vision of it in the basement laundry room I have planned!  Guess I'll keep it!  How often do you find a vintage washboard on the side of the road?  I also picked up about a dozen aluminum cans as I was walking back to the car.  Had to restrain myself from walking all the way to the next exit because I could see lots of cans up ahead.  But I decided to be a sane person instead!

I wonder what I'll find tomorrow!


  1. Very interesting, Annie.
    Just make sure that you post picutres for the final look of any project that you start with each of your finds :)