Saturday, December 4, 2010

Yard Sale!

Over the Thanksgiving weekend we FINALLY got around to our oft-cancelled garage sale! Hooray! The neighbors on Taylor Street were probably starting to think we were pretty trashy because all the garage sale loot had gotten stashed in the enclosed front porch -- NOT PRETTY!

We hauled three truckloads of acquired-for-free stuff to Mark's mother's house because she lives on a busy corner.  We strung everything out along the sidewalk where it was even LESS pretty -- but visible!

Mark and the kids made the most of it by having some game time! 

Noah and Sara-Grace were a great help with the garage sale!  They would run into the house periodically to give me a wad of money!

Their favorite part was when it occurred to Mark that he could rake leaves and burn them in the chiminea (his mother's Mexican clay pot fireplace)! So they all shoved handful after handful of leaves into the fire for the rest of the afternoon! Great fun for both large and small pyromanics!

Here's the best prize from out most recent dumpster diving:  a woven silk lamp shade.  It sold at the garage sale the next day.

Mark said this was the smallest (as in least-attended) garage sale he's ever had on their "hot corner" but we managed to make $132.00 selling FREE junk which, all things considered, we were quite happy with.

After the sale, we hauled one whole teetering Beverly-Hillbillies-style truckload to the thrift store to donate which felt EXTREMELY good!  And now the enclosed front porch is no longer an eyesore!

Based on our garage sale experience, we have a new dumpster diving philosophy:  sell mainly the medium to big stuff.  For the small stuff, enjoy the dumpster diving, keep the really cool stuff, take the not-cool-enough-to-keep-but-a-shame-to-throw-away stuff to the thrift store.  In the case of stuff garnered from thrift store dumpsters: donate it to the OTHER thrift store!  Sometimes I swear they just get tired of sorting donations and throw out stuff without even looking at it!

Now, to get to the Fayetteville garage sale!  Or maybe another teetering truckload is in order?

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