Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Brainstorm Item of the Week: Vintage Coleman Ice Chest

When I was a kid we spent a lot of time in the summers at Lake Tenkiller in Eastern Oklahoma.  We all took turns, two at a time, lugging our HEAVY old red Coleman ice chest full of Dr. Pepper, Hawaiian Punch, Lays pototo chips, and varying sandwiches, across the sloping parking lot, through the winding marina, and to the boat at the far end.  Today we have ice chests WITH WHEELS!  Why didn't we think of that then?

I maintain a great dose of nostagia for old Coleman ice chests -- especially the red ones!

I found this green one on the curb recently.  I snagged it without hesitation and now I'm wondering what I'm going to do with it!

Maybe two of them stacked (I have a red one too) would make a great night stand in "the boys' room" at the lake where I keep my collections of vintage thermoses and vintage oil cans?  Or several of them stacked on their front side could almost be like barrister's (lawyer's) bookcases?  Cool (excuse the pun!) shoe storage?

If you had a green one like this as a kid and still have the nostalgia for it, let me know and I'll pass this on to you!  Or maybe a trip to the lake is in order!  Help me brainstorm on this one!

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  1. Very fun Anne! David works for Jarden Co. and they make Coleman, will have to share with a former Enidite...