Monday, December 20, 2010

Show And Tell

When I was in grade school I LOVED Show and Tell!  Perhaps I needed just a litttle attention that I knew was rightfully mine.  Attention-seeking though my reveling in Show and Tell may have been, I knew I was within relatively normal parameters because of Matilda. 

My classmate, Matilda, would lug in a whole grocery bag (back when they were brown paper and voluminous!) full of trinkets to display proudly at Show and Tell:  "...and this is my stuffed hippopotomus that my Uncle Bob gave me... and this is a wheat penny...and this is a man I made out of legos..."  Until everyone was trying not to snore or throw things at her.  The teacher eventually put parameters on Show And Tell and Matilda was at least somewhat curtailed!

My blog is my own little Show And Tell forum.  I try not to abuse it by being boring or self-indulgent.  Just call me "Matilda" if I get carried away and I'll know that means I need to rein it in!  Maybe Matilda from grade school just needed her own blog?

So, classmates, here is my Show And Tell about what I made this weekend!

My amazing friend Vanessa makes the most incredible mosaics!  She is truly an artist and her mosaics are truly masterpieces.  You can see her mosaics and her other vintage wares at  Here's are a couple of examples of her artistry:

Vanessa SO inspires me!  She also indulges me by letting me learn from her and copy her from time to time!  I cling fervently to the hope that she sees this as the sincerest form of flattery!  I would never try to sell my creations or be in direct competition with her (and, as you can probably tell by a quick comparison, I pose absolutely no threat to her).  I just need gift ideas now and then!

I needed impressive but not budget-busting gifts for a couple of family members this Christmas so I borrowed from the Vanessa genius and made these mosaic platters.

Mosaic platter featuring broken blue Christmas plate, tan ruffled plate edges, and backstamps from several assorted plates.

Floral mosaic platter.

As I was unloading a plastic bin full of Christmas decorations on Saturday, I came across a broken Christmas plate.  I skipped over "sad it was broken" and rolled immediately into "wouldn't that look cool in a mosaic"!  If you can pick out the blue piece with the white dots on it you might understand why -- it was just screaming to be highlighted rather than tossed! 

So the blue pieces are the remains of the Christmas plate.  There are seven "backstamps" featured on the oval platter that are the maker's marks from seven different plates.  The rest of the mosaic pieces came from four plates that I smashed just for the occasion (quite fun!).  The silver platters came from thrift stores for $1.99 and $1.45.  The mastic and grout were both free from the City of Fayetteville paint and chemical recycling facility. 

Here are a few photos of the process:

Sara-Grace grouting for me.  She kept saying she was tempted to lick the knife because it looked like icing!

Sara-Grace grouting.

Floral platter while the grout was drying.

Works in progress.

It's a good thing most of my family doesn't read my blog or they'd be getting a preview of their Christmas gifts!

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    I am flattered to death to be mentioned at show and tell : )

    And I love the tan Harkerware with the blue Christmas plate.

    You can get mastic and grout for free??????? Show me the way, Girl!