Thursday, December 16, 2010

Muffling The Cold!

Are they scarves or mufflers?  I think of scarves as squares of fabric.  But my kids think mufflers are those things on cars!  Whatever you call them, they are fun and easy to make and, even if the only reason you wear one is that your mom MAKES you, they really DO go a long way toward insuring just that much more warmth on a cold day!

A few years ago I got out my knitting needles and somehow remembered how to knit and, pretty soon, I could knit and read at the same time!  Being able to read while knitting was the key for me -- multi-tasking keeps my A.D.D. brain properly engaged! 

These took about 6 hours each to knit.  The yarn costs about $6 per. 

It's fun to have a variety to choose from -- especially when they coordinate with your gloves or with your outfit.  I could just go on knitting forever as I find fun new yarns (sometimes in dumpsters)!

Or they make great gifts!

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