Monday, December 27, 2010

My Daughter Is A Genius!

I am SO excited to show off to you my favorite Christmas present! 

Emily (my 17-year-old) MADE this purse for me!  I think it is absolutely a MASTERPIECE!

It's even fully lined!

Even more impressive is the fact that she made it completely out of things she found around the house!  The yarn was left over from my scarf-making days.  The knitting needles were just sitting around (I do have a set that came from a dumpster!).  The fabric either came from a thrift store or a dumpster -- either way, it cost no more than $2 or $3 if it wasn't FREE!  The ribbon was from the packaging of a shower curtain I used in the renovation of one of Mark's RV's.  And the floss at the center of the ribbon flower was left over from some woven bracelets Emily made. 

I am SO proud of Emily!  I am SO honored to be the recipient of her artistry.  And I am honored to have been able to teach her, over the course of her childhood, the skills to "make a silk purse out of a sow's ear", as the old saying goes!  I can't take any credit for her genius or for the artist that she is at heart, but I feel like a can claim a few successes as a mother in that I taught her to knit (and weathered the inevitable tantrums of THAT frustrating process) and, by example, I've taught her resourcefulness.  I'm beginning to suspect that she will survive in the world just fine!  She could probably sell her handcrafted purses and have her own empire!

Tomorrow I'll show you some of her other creations!

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