Monday, December 6, 2010

Even Our Cat Is Freesourcefull!

This is Hollister.  She is about 7 months old.  She is a highly personality-laden kitty -- very much infused with adolescent energy, curiosity, and playfulness.  At all times, Holli has VERY SERIOUS KITTY BUSINESS to conduct.  This involves much stalking about, lurking behind curtains, and attacking of feet, cats, dogs, and inanimate objects!  This morning, for example, she decided that that painting just HAD to come off the wall!  A little paw action and the mission was complete!

I wonder sometimes if Holli acts so very 007 for a reason!  She has a lower case typewriter "a" in her markings on one side and a number "6" on the other side.  We call her "Model A6".  But perhaps she's "Agent A6"!

Model A6 - see the "a"?

Model A6 - see the "6"?

When she's not in hiding on secret missions, Holli has decided that our skittish and crotchety cat, Fraidy, is the funnest toy!  Fraidy does NOT agree.  But Holli plays with him anyway! 

Torpedo, our beagle/Jack Russell terrier mama dog, has decided that Holli must be tongue-bathed regularly (unless she's fallen into the bathtub recently -- which happens frequently!).  Holli patiently allows this -- TOO CUTE!

The funniest thing is when Holli chases Emily's little purse dog/Pomeranian, Juliet, in one direction and then Juliet chases Holli back in the other direction!  Holli gives us much amusement!

Holli found this empty drink package sitting on the kitchen counter and moved right in!  Apparently, she knows a proper kitty house when she sees one!  She hangs out here regularly now.  Which means we get to keep an empty drink package on the kitchen counter.  Ug!  Not pretty!  But it can stay until the amusement wears off!  I'm fairly certain she's quite capable of find some other headquarters to occupy!

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