Thursday, December 9, 2010

The Log Cabin Playhouse

In the back yard at 419 S. Taylor stands a shining example of a father's love!  Or maybe a grandfather's love.  I'm not sure.  But someone built this wonderful, authentic log cabin playhouse for some little people who, I'm sure, dearly loved it!

I have no idea how old this playhouse is but it looks REALLY old! It has rough-cut logs and cement chinking (I think all the cement was added later when someone when all cement-happy on the place!). The little windows all open --the front is a double-hung and the side windows are hinged. The roof has asphalt shingles and LOTS of age. And there's even a little bell at the door with an iron horse on the bracket. Too cute!

In 1932, a little girl named Amaryllis Eslick lived at 419 S. Taylor (I have photos I'll have to post later!). Maybe it was hers?

From 1947 to 1975 Alfred and Mabel Little lived in the house during their retirement years (from age 58 to 86! -- I hope I get retire over the course of FOUR DECADES!). The Littles had four grown sons so I assume they had LOTS of grandkids.

There were also occupants of 419 S. Taylor from 1915 to 1932, before little Miss Amaryllis lived there, and after her time, from 1930-something to 1947.  So who knows, but I'm planning to contact the Little's grandaughter so I can interrogate (er, ask) her about the history of the house and it's occupants!  Should be fun -- IF she'll play with me!

The inside needs a little beautification.  I have inside photos but I just spent an hour looking for them with no luck so NEVER MIND!

I found two leather saddles in the playhouse -- which I will clean up and sell.  Stay tuned for a profit report!

I hate that our kids (ages 9-18) are a little too old to really get full enjoyment out of this playhouse.  But  maybe the dogs might like it?  Or maybe I'll pretty it up enough that the kids will regress a bit just to get to play in it! 

Maybe it could be Mark's dog house for when he's been bad! Hmmm...  But I'm thinking he just might enjoy that too much what with the stone fireplace out there (far right in the photo) and the grill and his love of camping and peeing off the porch!  That could even encourage him to try to aggravate me on purpose!  Bad idea!

Of course, it could always be just mine!  MINE ALL MINE! HA!

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