Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Volunteer Pumpkin

Every Halloween, when we carve jack-o-lanterns, we throw some of the pumpkin seeds out in the yard somewhere.  Most summers, we have a pumpkin vine as a reward.  This year, one grew out of the clay pot we set the jack-o-lantern in.  I don't remember there being any seeds, but, apparently, there were!

You know... now that I think about it, I seem to remember Sara-Grace (who has such a green thumb she could grow crops for profit!) asking me if she could put a pumpkin seed in the pot.  Figures!  I make her do all my seed-handling!

I don't know if I'll really get a pumpkin off this vine but, even if I don't, I love the lush, green, heartiness of it in all its volunteer enthusiasm!

There's a blossom!  Could it be that I might get a pumpkin eventually?

I planted some butternut squash seeds this year and had one good vine.  But the squash beetles killed it -- as usual!  They kill my squash EVERY year.  I have never had a squash vine survive.  This year, I sprinkled cayenne pepper around the vine.  It seemed to work at first but the beetles won out in the end.  

I hear that autumn squash is more successful so I think I'll try growing some this year.  Autumn gardens are a totally new concept to me!  I always think I've missed my chance if I haven't planted by May 1.  Now I can try again in mid-to-late August!  Yay! 

You know what amazes this grocery-store-girl about vegetables?  You can take the seeds out of a squash or a melon or a pepper and put it in the ground and grown more squash or melons or peppers.  This truly amazes me!  I know it's kind of obvious but I see it as miraculous!  

And, one of the many neat things about it is that it's FREE (except for the water maybe)!  Love it!


  1. Annie - I love your blog and your commitment to live simply. It's beautiful.


    1. Thanks Heather! You blog is tremendously inspiring to me. Thanks for all the times you've made my day richer!


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