Monday, August 6, 2012

Back-to-School Shopping

I wrote this post on Friday.  Then I didn't post if because I felt like it needed more photos.  Now I'm kinda glad it doesn't have more photos so I'm posting it late.


Ah, Friday!  Today is off to a lovely start!

There are gray, rumbly clouds outside that made a wonderful backdrop for a morning walk that included a cup of coffee in my hand and a cute boy by my side.  And that new boingy haircut that I got a couple of days ago!

I got a lot of sweet, wholesome things done before work this morning.   I fed and watered the chickens.  I watered the tomatoes, pumpkin, herbs, morning glories, and monkey grass. I put ingredients in the bread machine for a loaf of "Heavenly Whole Wheat Bread".  I ate Lucky Charms with a frail old cat on my lap and a spunky, mischievous kitten pawing at my back for attention while Mark ate eggs and leftover Onion Soup Bread which he complimented me on heartily as he ate.

I put on a new shirt that I found yesterday.  Gotta love a new $3.50 shirt!  This is my first item of gray clothing.  I grabbed it off the "reject rack" to try on with some pants I was trying and ended up liking it more than the pants.   Expect to see more gray in my wardrobe!  My girls tease me that my whole closet is black, white, brown, and pink.  It is.  With a little green as well.  No gray.

Ugh.  I hate photos of myself.  But, after taking 50+ tries, I had to put SOMETHING in!

Speaking of clothes, Tessa and Emily and I have had great luck shopping for school clothes the last couple of days -- ALL thrift store, of course.  Gotta rave about the goodies and the bargains!

On our first round, for something like $52, Tessa got:
2 dresses
2 pair of jeans
1 pair of pants
1 cardigan sweater
2 shirts
1 pair of boots
1 pair of sneakers
2 belts

Then Emily wanted to go so we hit the Goodwill last night.  Taking two teenage girls clothes shopping can be very terrifying to the pocketbook!  We got out with three HUGE bags for a total of $84.  Whew!

Emily's $29 got her:
an Aeropostale coat ($5)
2 hoodie jackets ($4 each)
a pair of jeans ($3.50)
a pair of boots ($4)
2 shirts ($3.50 each)
a pair of zebra fleece pajama pants (that she's so excited about she planning to wear them even though it's August!) ($1.50)

For $21, I got:
a nice pair of black brocade slacks ($2)
the gray shirt mentioned above ($3.50)
a black sweater with ruffles ($4)
a long brown cardigan ($3.50)
a pair of black boots so I won't be skating or landing on my butt the next time it snows -- like last time! ($4)

Tessa got a huge bag of clothes the specifics of which I lost track of but I was greatly relieved that the total was only $37.50 (and that there are a couple of things in there I plan to borrow)!  From the receipt, it looks like she got 3 t-shirts ($2 each), 5 shirts ($3.50 each), 2 hoodies ($3.50 each), and a vest ($2.00).

That works for me!

 I really have zero need to ever buy clothes at retail stores/prices ever again (except for underwear).  The savings is obvious but, also, the selection is larger and I get better brands at thrift stores than I would ever buy retail.  For example, I would never pay Banana Republic prices.  But I have a bunch of $3 Banana Republic items in my closet.

The only downside of thrift store shopping is, if you like something that's the wrong size, they are NOT going it have it in your size.  But that's ok, cuz there's LOTS more to choose from!

I am almost always dressed head-to-toe (including shoes and belts) for $10-$12 (often less).  Sometimes this even includes a coat or jacket.

My girls, who were all a little hesitant at first, now happily fill their closets from thrift stores with the same satisfaction at getting more for less that I feel.

We all basically feel like WE WIN!  Game over!  Until the next time we feel like playing!  Which we can afford to do almost anytime we want because it's CHEAP!


Now, go buy yourself a $3 something at the thrift store!

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