Monday, August 6, 2012

August Roses

I adore my little rose garden.  Mark and I baby it together so it's very meaningful to us.

The bushes have finally gotten established enough that they are pretty self-sufficient.  Two heat waves and two ice storms and the hearty survivors are just that, hearty survivors!

The roses seem to have two seasons -- the bloom like crazy in May and then, again, after the heat, in October.  If we are lucky (like were were last year), we get a few November roses!

This pretty pink rose is called "Perfume Delight".  It is well named because it has that strong, heavy, old-fashioned scent that just screams "ROSE!".

Here is promise of another August rose!

I missed the sale this year but I usually buy the clearance roses at Walmart when they are marked down to $5 each.  Next year I'll try again.  I would love to have a Tropicana (orange/yellow), a yellow, and a couple of whites.

My favorite is the New Dawn climbing rose that grows up the arbor we used at our wedding reception.  It has small, pale, peachy-pink tinted white blossoms.  Here's a photo of it from last year.  Isn't it just luscious?

At the moment, it has an ant den under it so it's not exactly healthy right now.  Gonna have to fix!

What is your favorite rose?

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