Friday, August 24, 2012

Resourcefullness...and Brevity!

Brevity is hard for me.  I remember being assigned a 20 page paper and turning in 35.  I'm just kinda WORDY.

Yesterday's post was just supposed to be a list of the dozen spices I used in my curry dish and a sentence marveling about that.  Then I had to add photos and recipes and comments from all angles.  I can sure complicate things!

Today's experiment in brevity:

Thep Thai before:

Thep Thai after:

The owner (who's name I have never been able to discern) who did  ALL of that himself, gradually, over time.  He even grows vegetables and herbs in the parking lot.  Amazing!I have enjoyed watching the progress over the years and love to marvel at it all when I'm there.  He always inspires me.

Ha!  Just blew my extreme brevity!  As I was cropping the photo above (that I pulled off the internet) I realized that the woman I was cropping out is probably my friend, Karon!  And then I could go on about how Karon was a big part of why and how I got a real estate license which could lead to lots of other topics.

 I love this town!  I almost never meet someone that I don't have someone in common with  -- one or two degrees of separation (I never know how to figure that)!  And now I'm tempted to put in a link to "Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon" or the whole concept of "Six Degrees of Separation" or the research study that I participated in about it years ago (BTW all connections went through my dad who knows EVERYONE!).  Oops!  Couldn't help myself!

Life is just too interesting to leave fun stuff out!

Bye! (As opposed to "Goodbye".  Which is longer.)

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