Monday, July 30, 2012

Basil and Mint

I initiate every summer by planting a bunch of herbs in this washtub.  Now the chives and the mint are established and regrow themselves every year.

Chive blossoms


I can't walk by the mint without pulling off a leaf and wadding it up between my fingers so I can smell it's minty wonderfulness!  Other than wadding it up between your fingers and putting it in iced tea, what do you do with mint?  Recipes please!

Last year, I planted basil seeds and was SO excited when I managed to grow lots of little tiny basil plants!

Some of them even got to be kinda BIG basil plants.  I still aspire to have huge basil BUSHES someday!

This year, I kept forgetting to buy basil seeds.  But then, recently, I was in the produce department at Walmart and had the choice of buying three sprigs of fresh basil in a package for $1.50 or a 14" tall basil plant with 8 stems in a pot for $2.50.  Easy decision!


Isn't fresh basil glorious?

My favorite basil recipe:  Fill a large ziplock bag with about six chicken breasts, some olive oil, some garlic, some basil torn into pieces, and one lemon squeezed into the bag and then slice what's left and throw it in too!  Refrigerate while it marinates for anywhere from an hour to a day.  Then bake.  It is wonderful!  

Then, if you have leftover chicken, shred it up and add mayonnaise and raisins for a wonderful chicken salad!  

Hmmm... maybe I'll make some pesto too!  I usually make it with pistachios instead of pine nuts.  Tastes the same to me!

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