Monday, September 12, 2011

We Had A Fight About Nails...

Mark and I were talking Saturday morning when he asked if I'd finished a project I'd been working on -- a red chalkboard and coat hook piece that I'd decided (after putting it all together) I wanted to cut in half to make into two pieces.  The plan is to have a free-standing chalkboard with frame and, after cutting it off, to turn the bottom part upside down and make it a separate coat hook piece with a shelf on top.  Here is the piece in question:

Which started off as this (and some other stuff I had in the garage):

I told Mark that I hadn't finished it because I was stalled out for lack of proper nails.  Mark, in true Mr.-Bossy-Pants, former-Walmart-manager fashion, lapsed into one of his directionals:  "You need to go down and spend $1.57 and get some nails!"

Adverse to leaving the house on a Saturday morning for fear of losing a big chunk of the open-ended project time that the weekend presents, I told him that I'd just wait until some nails turned up.  After all, I was prowling around in the garage (among other places) and I knew it was inevitable that I would find nails eventually. 

Mark had a fit over this and told me that I was being ridiculous.  Maybe, but I knew two things:  I had plenty of other projects to transfer my attention to (it's not like I was just going to sit around and do nothing because of the nails) and I have an uncanny "the Lord will provide" streak to my projecting.  Things that I need turn up and they turn up quickly -- often within 24 hours.  The things I need tend to find ME! 

I could feel the nails coming.  I enjoy the anticipation and like watching the process unfold itself in front of my eyes.  Half the fun was in seeing how the nails would come about. 

Mark didn't get this.  I think he even hung up on me out of exasperation at my resistance to doing it HIS way.  Or it could have been the blinding migraine he was getting.  Probably the latter.  I'll give him the benefit of the doubt. 

Of course, everyone had a job for me on Saturday.  Eric (Emily's boyfriend) wanted me to drive him to work because Emily didn't feel like it.  I nipped that one in the bud when I told her that I didn't feel like it either and he's not my boyfriend and that's not my job.  Then Matt, who had gone to Tulsa for the day, wanted me and Emily to go to the site of the chicken house he's been building for a client and move ten 50 lb. bags of concrete under cover before it rained.  Argh!  Then Tessa need to be taken to a friend's house.

I figured it was best to just get it all done at once so we took Tessa and then went to move the concrete (he owes me for this!).  The good thing was that where there is chicken house construction, there are nails -- in this case, just enough long finishing nails to complete my project!

See?  The Lord does provide!  I told Mark the nails would turn up and that they'd probably turn up within 24 hours.  And they did!

I rest my case.


  1. I love this. It makes me think of a time back in 2009 when my husband walked up behind me as I was finishing yet another book and said "Don't you think you should try to sell some of those things?"

    All in good time, dear. All in good time :)

  2. Go Connie! Please post a comment on where my readers can get your books.


  3. My books, Blood Wager and Blood Passage are currently available as e-books from Amazon and Blood Sense, book #3, should be available Sept. 15th. They are urban fantasy novels, so if you like vampires and werewolves......

  4. My daughter, Tessa, who is an avid reader, says these are her favorite books of all time! That's very high praise! She reads a lot of Shakespeare too!