Tuesday, September 13, 2011

$3.43 Worth of Pretty

Are you tired of my bathroom yet?  Good!  I'm not either.

If you'd told me that an $8.14 can of brown paint, a bunch of white junk, and miscellaneous thrift store silver would look so good, I would have done this many ages ago!  Even after almost three years, I am still completely enamoured with it.

I found this wonderful ivory wire spice rack/shelf at the thrift store recently and spent a whole $1.75 on it (of course, I erased the "I just bought this" photo of it in my car!).  After which, I called Mark to confess my extravagance.  Actually, this really was a big deal considering my mostly-free-junk-procurement mentality.  I JUST LOVE IT!

You might have seen these pink plates before.  They were in the brown sun porch master bedroom in the Taylor Street house.  They looked just yummy against the brown walls.  So I put them against brown walls again -- this time in my Fayetteville bathroom (which you will get to see below) where I get to look at them on a daily basis.

These plates are also wonderful enough to have siblings that made it on to the gorgeous mosaic headboard and footboard that my incredibly talented friend Vanessa is creating which I just have to show you because it's AMAZING.  It is even more stunning in person than in photographs. And it's not even done yet.

Can you find the pink plates?

You can see more of Vanessa and her work at www.happinessisabutterfly.blogspot.com.

Being less amazing than Vanessa, I just hang my pink plates on a cool wall rack (and take crappy pictures of them): 

I found the small oval platter (which, like the pink plates, has gold detail -- none of which you can probably see so I probably shouldn't tease you by mentioning it. Like you care!) in a stack of plates I keep around to fuel my fantasy that I'll be Vanessa one day. Ha!

I paid $1.75 for the rack, $.99 for the two pink plates, and $.69 for the small oval patter. That's a whole lot of pretty for $3.43!

Here's a view of the whole wall for orientation:

And an overview of the room which shows the $2 pink rug that Mark and I both fell in love with (separately) at a garage sale.  It's a pink t-shirt material rag rug.  I LOVE a man that will share in my love of pink.  (Or maybe I'm sharing in his love of pink?  Even better!)
Angel Stephanie -- Do you recognize your rocking chair?

And then, because it's all about what my massively-visual brain gets to look at, I'll show you what I see when I'm IN the tub:
The rose print that was inspiration for
the mood of the decor at our wedding reception
(on a $2 shelf with $2 and $3 candle holders and $1 candles).
And the footboard from a wonderful old bed
with a glorious pink lid tied on with a length of brown satin ribbon from our wedding.

Ok, now I promise to stop with the bathroom.  Unless some wonderful new vision appears there. 

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