Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Little Projects

I've been playing. 

This was a rusty brass filligree frame that's been gathering cobwebs and sawdust in my garage for enough years that I don't want to know the number. 

I shamelessly copied my friend Vanessa (cuz there's no shame in the sincerest form of flattery, right?) and painted it a shade better than turquoise (Valspar "Mediterranean") and added a chalkboard that I made from a scrap of masonite and some free chalkboard paint.  LOVE IT! 

I'm going to have to hunt down more frames like this and paint them every cool color I can find and hang them all together. And then find the strength to hang them in the flea market with price tags on them!

I kept going with the chalkboard paint and updated this cutesy country box.

To something a little more updated. 

Because it's chalkboard paint, whoever buys it can write whatever on it and thus remember what's in it (I know how I am about forgetting what's in boxes)!

Just little projects but BIG fun for me!  Stay tuned.  There are more that I'll post when they're finished!

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