Friday, September 9, 2011

Green Handles

Sometimes I just have to show you things I love.

Kitchen utensils of the past (circa 1920's-40's) were often wooden and often red.  On rarer occasions, they were green.  I love and collect both colors.  Here is my jar of the red-handled utensils.

This particular green-and-black-handled potato masher is dumpster bounty.  Can you believe that?   Found in the dumpster.  Like it was trash or something!  What's wrong with some people?  Geez!

The newest arrival!

It fits right in with it's new family:  my collection of green-handled utensils, mostly provided to me as sweet gifts from that cute boy I married who knows I love them (and him!).

I particularly like the scoop with the yellow stripe and the delicate icing spreader.
Photographed here on a trip to my kitchen.

They all live in their vintage jar in my dining room where I keep all things green.  But which I can't photograph well at the moment because that's also where I currently keep all things headed to the flea market booth!  But here's kind of a shot of them in their natural habitat (I had to climb over the dining table and a bunch of junk to get this shot so appreciate the great lengths I go to for blogging excellence -- ok, mediocrity!).  They live with my mother's bamboo tray, my mother's green pot that she grew a glorious giant red amaryllis in every Christmas, and my favorite vintage alarm clock.

Aren't egg-beaters just dinosaurs now?

It's always fun to find a green handle in the random kitchen utensil bin at a thrift store for a dollar or less.  It doesn't happen often but every once in awhile...

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