Friday, June 1, 2012

The House Project

Allow me to give you an "in progress" report on the house I've been furnishing!

A few "before" and "after" photos:

These old kitchen cabinet drawer sections were 50 cents apiece.

When I replaced the missing knob on the bottom drawer, I had to pay
a whole $3 -- SIX times what I paid for the drawers!

Drawer segments "after". 
They started out as a console to go under the big screen TV and ended up being a sofa table/desk unit behind the sofa
 (see photo below where they "kinda" show).

$10 dresser.  Looks good in this shot but the top was scarred up and dimpled from water damage.

Dresser after (with doors still to be put back on)

Boring, blah, bland, blonde night stands with ugly laminate tops -$12.50 each

Nightstand after.

The whole "Zen" bedroom.

$2 frame.

Not a close-up but an "after" shot of the frame.  Inside is a burlap-like fabric and paper letters.

I bought three of these chairs (complete with puppy-chewing damage on the lower spindles) for a total of $4.50 for all three.
$10 partially-stripped drop leaf table.

Chairs and drop leaf table "after".  They all ended up going elsewhere in the room.  These things have a life of their own!

The livingroom partially done. 
The candle holders on the table (which still need two more candles and a bamboo tray underneath them!)
are old metal weightlifting weights.


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