Friday, June 8, 2012

Delicious Edwardian Fashions

As you may have heard me say, lately I've been researching Edwardian fashion for the book I am writing.  This is because part of my book is set around 1915-1917 and I have to dress my characters, you know!

In the course of this research, I have come to realize that I have had a lifelong passion for the styles of this era, I just didn't know what the exact era was and what it was called.

Here's a sampling of the best stuff I've found today:

You may have noticed that these are very Titanic-esque.  This is because the Titanic sank in 1914.  This also gives me an excuse to  plunge into some Titanic costumes/fashions -- like this gorgeous coat which I just might have to try to make someday:

Which goes over the beautiful "swim dress" as it's called because it's the dress she goes into the water in (the pink coat is called "the swim coat").

Here are a couple of replications:

This last dress (which I think looks a bit too nightgown-y) is from a webpost called "How to make a Titanic swim dress on a budget". (

So we did.

To be historically accurate, the black underdress would be long.  But Tessa wanted to wear it short today.  We bought a robe with lace-edged sleeves for $2 and a wide black belt for 97 cents at the thrift store and voila!

And then there are the wonderful vintage shoes!  I found this picture of these fun 1913 shoes online.

I had these in my closet which are basically the same thing ($4 from Goodwill):

And a couple of other relevant pairs ($3-4 each) just to prove that the passion is consistent!

And, of course, I still want THESE:

Don't you?

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  1. I love the fashions from the early 20th century- they're so more classy and beautiful than todays clothes. My fave movie is Titanic, and everytime I watch it I wish I had the clothes! Just to let you know, though, Titanic sank on 15th April, 1912, at 2:20 am, not in 1914.. :)