Saturday, July 9, 2011

I'm a Genius!

I'm a genius!  And I'm not even humble about my geniosity!  Sorry.

I 've been searching for a solultion to my shoe problem.  The rack on the back of my closet door is full.  The cubbies in the hall closet are full.  And still, I had more shoes.  Even after culling them, I still need most of them for this or that outfit.  Gotta have various heel heights and such!

This, alas, was the shoe pile that ineviably grew on  my side of the closet.

{The really neat thing about this photo is that those are Mark's cowboy boots in the upper right corner.  It still hasn't worn off that that cute boy from 8th grade (who looks particularly hot in cowboy boots!) now keeps his boots in MY closet!  It's a thrill every time I see them!  I know, I'm silly.}

I had this crib rail in my garage.  I joined the sleigh-style ends (the headboard and footboard) together and made a queen size headboard out of them.  So the rails were left over and loitering around in the garage.  I knew they were waiting for me to think up something smart to do with them.

And I had these castors.  I don't even remember what they were for originally.  As you can tell, I keep a stash of such things!

I screwed the castors into the crib rail.

And VOILA!  Now I have a rolling under-bed shoe rack that holds 20 pair of shoes!

It even works really well for the high heeled shoes because the heels hang through which keeps them from standing up too high to fit under the bed.

I've got diferent plans for the other crib rail.  Stay tuned!


  1. I can't argue with the genius comment. This qualifies under every definition I know.

  2. You are a genius! I bought something similar and used it on my kitchen wall sort of a peg board. I love it. I would have never thought about doing what you did!