Monday, July 18, 2011

Dumpster Rejects

You might imagine that proper dumpster diving attire would involve old clothes or, perhaps, a sanitary hazmat jumpsuit complete with goggles and gloves.  Not us!

Mark always seems to end up dumpster diving in his chuch clothes.  Before church.  And then we do go to church afterward.  And it's never been a problem. 

For me, I like to be well-dressed in thrift store clothes for dumpster diving.  Here I am wearing a $4 dress and $3 shoes.  When they say "the little black dress you can wear anywhere", they mean ANYWHERE!

I usually post a report on the dumpster loot I've found -- the good stuff that I've kept.  However, there are some things I am quite happy to leave in dumpsters.  Here's a typical sample:

Tacky Decor.  Like velvet roadrunner paintings.

Geese.  We find  lots of outdated, country-style, geese-themed items.  Like this napkin ring.

Holiday Decorations.  Dumpster divers never have to buy holiday decor because there is always LOTS of it to be found.  We once found a beautiful, fully lighted (working lights) six foot artificial tree that would have cost $200+ new.

Hats.  And things that can be used as hats if one gets carried away!  (I'm seriously wishing I'd worn makeup to go dumpster diving but it's more important to me at the moment to show the photos than to fret about looking hideous!)  The fun of it was that, everytime Mark looked up, I was wearing a different hat!

Purple Cowboy Hat

Straw visor

Knit beanie

Easter basket


Items with Someone Else's Name On It.  Kind of a fun letter jacket but the leather was discolored in an very ugly way.  And it was too small.  And it had someone else's name on it.

Underwear.  Just kinda creepy -- even though I'm fine with washing and wearing other dumpster clothes. Though I do have some panties that I found new in a sealed package.

Oija Board.  This was hard for me to leave.  Because it was new in the box.  And glows in the dark.

And has really cool vintage stying and graphics.  But Mark was worried that it would invite evil spirits to hang around.  We just got rid of a particularly nasty evil spirit.  When I have the courage (and maybe after I get my head examined), I'll write a post about it. 

Even if I never used it to conjure up spirits, we decided we don't want it (and any paranormal baggage that might come with it) around.  So, good-bye to the Oija board.  See?  It's saying "Good-Bye" back!


  1. I'd have the kept the letter jacket! You can pick the embroidery out! Trust me on this one...say yes to Letter Jackets!