Friday, July 8, 2011

I Can't Believe It Fit!

Years ago, on a scortching hot summer day much like this one, I bought a table and eight chairs at a tent sale in a furniture store parking lot.  I think I paid $250 for all of it  -- not FREE but not bad either!  The chairs usually cost $100 apiece and the table sells for around $200.  I think the furniture salesman (who was also the manager) just wanted to get rid of stuff so he could get back inside to the air conditioning!  He also further advanced his tent-emptying endeavor by giving me several big framed mirrors for free.

The table and chairs (4 with this table and 4 with another) have been used for staging ever since I bought them.  Recently, I snagged them back for my own use.  The table has a wonderful built-in leaf that expands the top surface from a 6-seater rectangle to a huge square that seats 8.  I had planned to use the smaller setting but, when I expanded it out to full size, it actually FIT in my tiny little breakfast area. 

Now everyone wants to eat at the table!  They can even bring friends now that we can seat 8!

Brace yourself because I'm pretty sure I'm going to have to play with tablesettings and post a million photos of different themes!  If you're lucky, I won't get around to it but it quickens my pulse with excitement just to think about it.  I know, I'm weird.

One more thing.  Gotta brag on my Tesakiah!  After I'd cleared the old table out and before I'd lugged the new one it, Tessa and Sara-Grace tromped downstairs and into the kitchen and plopped down in the two chairs I'd brought in so far.  I asked them, "What do you think?" -- meaning "Can you believe how big this room looks without the table?"  Tessa's immediate reply:  "I think our table is invisible!"

She cracks me up!

I texted Mark a photo to show him what I'd done.  He replied, "I know you. You'll post it.  And you should!"

He was right.

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