Tuesday, January 4, 2011

This Blog Is Getting To Be All About Emily!

Emily's been up to her usual creativity lately!  Yesterday she went into my project room, found some available fabric, stole the fluff out of a large stuffed dog, and made a bed for Juliet!  No pattern.  No photo to copy off of.  Just Emily and her genius.  Juliet loves it!

Showing off this darling dog bed seems to have given me a venue to brag a little more on Emily's past creations!  So, here I go:

Once-upon-a-time, a younger Emily got inspired by the book The Velveteen Rabbit and whipped up a velveteen rabbit of her own:

Also a few years ago, Emily gave me one of her amazing Christmas gifts. 

I used to say, when confronted with children's request for things that were expensive, extravagant, or outside of the realm of possibility, "You want a WHAT?  Well, I want a PINK WILDEBEEST!"  The implication being that neither of us was going to get our wish.  So, Emily whipped up a pink wildebeest for me -- thus putting all things within the realm of possibility!  She foiled me again!

Now I say, "I want a PURPLE WATER BUFFALO!"  I expect I'll have one soon.

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