Friday, January 28, 2011

The Crown Jewel

Did you see my Facebook posts about my Fayetteville laundry room?  If not, here they are:

Laundry Room Before

Laundry Room After

The other side of the laundry room!
I posted the "before" pictures to publicly shame myself as a form of motivation:  If I got it cleaned up, I got to post the beautiful "after" pictures.  If not, the ugly "before" pictures would live on! 

I should add that it all looks SO much better in the photos than it did in reality.  I look at the photos and I think, "That's no big deal!  I could clean that up in a snap!".  But that's not how the reality was!  I've spent about 8 hours in there so far and there's still more to do!

So, if you're not tired of hearing about my laundry challenges, I have a bit more to say about it!

Buried next to the washing machine is the crown jewel of my laundry room.  I found this little enamel-topped farm kitchen table in a flea market for $59.  Sounds like a lot now but, at the time, I couldn't pay it fast enough!  I was so afraid that someone else would buy it before I could get the cash out of my wallet!  It has a very unusual, original, apple green edge (as opposed to the usual red) and one cute little drawer. 

Buried treasure!

It may not be special to anyone else, but I ADORE it.  It makes me happy to see it.  The problem, as you can see, is that it's usually buried in laundry.  The best motivation I know of to clean out my laundry room(maybe even just slightly above publicly shaming myself with Facebook "before" in the hope of getting to post beautiful "after" photos) is that I might get to gaze upon my beloved table regularly.

I'm wishing now that I'd painted the underside of that shelf!  The lamp base was in my bedroom when I was a child. The old iron and the measuring bowl full of clothes pins belonged to various grandmothers.

I've even cleaned out the laundry bags under the table since I took this picture!  That means I can claim progress, right?

I'm currently scheming to add a shelf underneath.  If I do it right, I'll be able to fit four laundry baskets under there which will make it both beautiful AND super-functional!

Now I have the challenge of trying to figure out what is both practical and important enough to put in that little drawer!
 Come back Monday for a piece on how I keep grandmothers in my laundry room!  Well, I don't actually hold them captive in my laundry room, but I DO keep some of their memories alive there!

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