Friday, January 14, 2011

Tales From The Thrift Store

Just a little proof that you can find AMAZING things at AMAZING prices at the thrift store (as if I needed to prove that AGAIN)!  Stainless steel dishwasher for $45!  I wish I needed one!  Do you?

Also at the thrift store:

I have this pub table (intended for use as a staging prop).  I paid $20 for it at a furniture store closeout because it has scratches.  I have wanted these bar stools to go with it for YEARS!  (In the photos there is also a regular-height dining chair which I already have two of and which I could also use!) The thrift store has 3 for them (which would do for now) for $29.99 less 25% which makes them $22.50 each!  They sell new for $99 apiece.  If they last until next week (which they won't because they will surely sell on Saturday if they don't go today!), they will be 50% off and thus be $15 each!  But there is no possible way in my current budget that I can justify spending $45.  Which just sucks! 

It is times like this when my determination to find a way kicks in and I set my sights on finding a way to get what I want (or something close that will suffice) for FREE!  For the moment, however, I'm eating my heart out!

Or, I could just sell the darn pub table and eliminate the problem! $50!  Any takers?


  1. where is this thrift store? if in Fayetteville PLEASE pass me the address

  2. Your blogs just don't like my comments. But I will persevere!

    I had a successful trip to the thrift store this past weekends because of what I bought as well as what I didn't buy. I bought the lamps and a curtain that I needed. I did not buy any books or glassware that I just wanted.

    I am trying to live by the, somewhat modified, dictum, "own nothing that you do not know to be useful (immediately and for yourself - not just in general!) or believe to be beautiful".

    Willy is really good at finding homes for things that I let go of and for the things that I keep. We have finally reached detente and are moving forward productively whenever we clean together.

  3. Potter's House, Baby! I was tempted by that dishwasher...ours is cursed!