Thursday, August 18, 2011

Wishcraft Strikes Again

Sometimes I forget about wishcraft.  You know, it's that magical phenomenon whereby you say you want something one day and the next day it appears in a puff of sparkly pink smoke.  I'm of the opinion that God is involved in it heavily.

I've been needing brown flats.  Every day, it seems, I needed brown flats.  I've scoured the thrift stores several times and bought two pair of black flats, but no brown.  I've contemplated just buying some new but it turns out I'm too cheap.  Really, it was because I knew I'd find some for free the minute I paid for new.  So I decided to skip the paying-for-new step.

Looky what turned up!  Not one but TWO pair of brown flats!  Free from the dumpster.  In my size.  Maybe not the shoes of my dreams, but I do like them and they will be worn often (like right at this very moment, for example). 

In the same black trash bag in the dumpster we also found almost new black Oxford dress shoes that fit Mark perfectly and that he really needed.  Ta da!

Also in the realm of wishcraft: I've been trying to find a place in my house with good natural light and an attractive background to use for taking photos of things (potentially for photographing things I might sell on Etsy but also for occasions like the shoes).  This morning, the shoe photo session brought the realization of the perfect spot.

The dresser in my bathroom is right in front of a light-giving window.  It's a neutral shade of antique white.  There's a lamp right there and three lights in varying forms overhead.  And the vintage lace tablecloth that hangs by the window as a curtain (out of photo to the left) makes a great backdrop.  Problem solved. 

Next on the Wishcraft List is something that I can paint with blackboard paint and put in this frame (free from the dumpster and free paint too, of course).

While I'm waiting, I'll paint the frame apple green.  I'm sure it won't be long before I get to tell you how the blackboard came about.  Wishcraft works like that!

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