Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Meet Pinkie!

Many thanks to all my friends who suggested names for my upcoming flea market booth!  I am grateful to all of you and so appreciated the many wonderful suggestions.  I also appreciate it if you even TRIED to think of a name or even if you just wish me well.

I think my favorite suggestion was "Come Buy My Crap"!  LOL!  "Reincarnations" was a definite front-runner.  As were "Second Chance", "Finders Keepers", "Flea With Me" and "Flea At Last".  Mark also suggested "Time Travellers" which I liked a lot but now he says that's going to be the name of HIS booth!

Unfortunately, you were all at an unfair disadvantage for two reasons:  First, I haven't shared much about my vision for the mood of the booth or about the type of things I have piled up to fill the shelves with.  Secondly, I haven't introducted you to Pinkie!

Pinkie is my trashy, eccentric alter-ego.  She is slightly older and a bit pudgier than I am (though I'm gaining on her in both respects!).  She's all ideas and inspiration and enthusiasm.  She's not the least bit practical or pragmatic but she IS cheap, in a very joyful way.  And she doesn't care what anyone thinks.

Pinkie lives in many decades but she loves the colors of the 40's, the clothing of the teens (very Titanic), ruffles, painted wood, anything vintage and floral, and, of course, anything PINK! 

Pinkie gets me into lots of trouble.  She drags me into dumpsters.  She makes me pick things up off the curb.  (She thinks this is particularly amusing when I'm wearing a dress and, better yet, HEELS!)  She's always looking for fun shape or color or history. 

The best thing about Pinkie is that she can see potential in anything and anyone! 

This is going to be HER flea market booth.  It will be the perfect place for her to channel and focus all her wonderfully weird, cheap, quirky, colorful, creative energy.

So, welcome to "Pinkie's World" -- where the world is quirky and colorful, every possible inch is filled with something potentially enchanting, everyone is more than welcome and seen as their best self, and, hopefully, everyone leaves with at least a bit of a smile and maybe even some fun object!

Pinkie wins the booth-naming contest!  But many thanks go to all of you who helped her find herself in the process!

Love and Light,


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