Saturday, August 20, 2011

A Heart Attack for Judy Jones!

I couldn't resist showing off a few photos of my kids.  Yesterday, Judy Jones, a friend from my early 20's years in California, commented that she remembered seeing Emily's "first baby photo" -- her ultrasound photo.  Emily will be 18 on November 3rd.  I'm not sure where the years have gone but I know I've done a LOT of dishes and laundry as they've whizzed by!

I'm pretty sure that most of my sweet California friends, who threw me a lovely baby shower when I was a first-time mom-to-be, have never laid eyes on any of my girls in person.  So, here's a little photo essay from their proud mom:

Emily (17).  My artist, chef, and rebel who's planning to be an R.N.
Emily's sweet boyfriend, Eric (17).  We claim him as one of ours.

Tesakiah turning 14.  She's my social butterfly and history buff . 
She's fascinated with the Holocaust -- can you believe THAT?
I am heavily pressuring her to be a history professor.

Tesakiah dressed for Halloween.  So elegant!

Sara-Grace (10).  My sweet and tough little Gemini is the most determined person I know. 
(Last year, she had her Valentines ready to go on January 31st, if that tells you anything about her!) 
She can keep up with the big girls and wrangle the big dogs!

The first photo of the four of us in about four years
 (because Emily hasn't let me take pictures of her).

To balance out all the estrogen, we have Mark's boys (with help from Eric too):
With his car.  Kota will turn 19 in a couple of weeks.
Love this artistic shot of our welder!

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  1. Not a heart attack - just feeling old. Where has all that time gone?
    It's great to see the photos. Thanks!