Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Pressure Washers

At the top of the list of "Things That Are Unlikely To Be Found In A Dumpster" (and I HAVE thought this through in advance) is a pressure washer.

So, guess what I found not actually IN a dumpster but sitting quietly beside one (which counts!)? You guessed it! A pressure washer! Husky brand. In a zippy shade of red! All shiny and beautiful. 1800psi and everything! Retail value: around $200.

The power cord had been cut at the plug end so I leapt onto the presumption that this was the only problem with it and took it home.

I stole a plug from my ex-husband (though I DO have one that come out of a dumpster but it wasn't handy at that moment and I was impatient), wrestled with the rewiring for awhile (it put up a small fight), plugged it in, pushed the ON button, and WHIRRRRRRRR! What a satisfying sound! IT WORKS!

So I pressure washed the universe this weekend! For FREE!

1 comment:

  1. Wow, I just can't believe what people throw away. I need a power washer too! Keep on dumpster diving!