Thursday, September 23, 2010

The Evolution of the Stove

Let's just admit it. This stove is UGLY! (I use that word alot on this blog, don't I?) Ok, so it's a little retro kitchy but not very. It's mainly just ugly. This kitchen is dim and dingy and depressing and dated and dinky and certainly not the least bit appetizing!

And the wall paper isn't doing the stove or anything else in the room any favors. I understand it's cheerful intent. But I just plain hate it.
Below is an ugly mid-stage of the kitchen that's not much better. I took the cabinet doors off and really like the open shelving but it's a long way from finished. The dumpster anemone lamp is purely for light, I assure you. It has already moved on to other seas!

I found four pieces of corrogated tin beside the dumpster at the mini storage and asked the manager if they were for a project or up for grabs. He almost begged me to take them! It wasn't fun to cut them to size but I LOVE the way they look behind the stove! Now, if I can only remember to secure them a little better so they wall paper doesn't peak through! But I think things are finally starting to come together and the stove wall is looking MUCH better! Sorry I don't have a better, more-expansive picture but I'll add one in when I can!

I also love this little still-life! On the stove are some small dumpster items that I gathered together: a glass luncheon plate (once a staple in ladies' world that no one ever uses anymore -- in my hometown, chicken potato chip salad was the most likely topper!) , a glass sugar bowl, metal salt and pepper shakers, a glass vinegar bottle, another glass bottle, and a milk glass container the perfect size for toothpicks. I LOVE this little gathering. I always recommend coralling small items on a tray of some sort. It just looks exponentially BETTER! It transforms "clutter" into "still-life"! And here it can hold useful cooking supplies like salt, pepper, vinegar, olive oil, sugar, and toothpicks.

The "2" and "3" seem to be cake pans or molds or cake cutters or something along those lines. I paid $2.99 each for them (which is a lot out of the freesourcefull budget) because numbers and letters are just good graphically.

Stay tuned. I have LOTS more plans for the kitchen! And you've only seen one wall!

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