Friday, July 30, 2010

A Rant on "Picture Windows"!

Have I mentioned that I HATE picture windows? I do. I HATE them!

I guess what happened is that glass manufacturers made advancements in the manufacturing of glass to the point that large panes of glass became affordable. Previous to that, I suppose that glass was cheaper in smaller panes and so expensive in general that it was worth all the woodworking to divide a window up into multiple panes.

So, one day in 1950-something large panes of glass became affordable and some glass salesman was quite the trend-starter and "picture windows" became all the rage! People ripped out those wonderful old divided light windows and slapped in a big ole piece of glass and were all caught up with the Jones.

50-some years later, I'm wondering if I can glue wooden grids onto the glass to make that window in the living room look like it did originally. To me, "picture windows" scream "STALE OLD PEOPLE" (who SMELL like old people, incidentally -- old people have their own smell, you know, according to my daughter!). They are gapping maws, blank, expressionless, OUT-DATED! As I write "out-dated" I realize that is probably exactly what the Jones and their neighbors thought about the beautiful, vintage, paned windows they mercilessly ripped out to put in the trendy picture window. Times change.

I have absolutely no idea what I'm going to do about that darned picture window. But, trust me, you will hear about it when I figure it out!

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