Tuesday, July 20, 2010

The Living Room -- Before

View from living room to dining room. Very flattering to the carpet that doesn't really look that good! Beyond the dining room, you can see a bit of the kitchen (with the plaid wallpaper) and a smidge of the back sunporch beyond that (just to orient you!).

View from living room to front bedroom. I LOVE the vintage french doors! That white door to the right is the front door.

Fascinating view of the corner! Panelling, panelling, and MORE ugly panelling! I'm sure the orignal plaster walls under the panelling are in poor, bumpy, crumbly condition so I understand why someone would go to the trouble of panelling over it. Blessedly, I really LIKE painted panelling (and all of this panelling is painted over now which you will get to see shortly). Bless everyone over the past 95 years who refrained from painting over the gorgeous original trim! Wait and see how good it looks up against the paint colors!

View toward the enclosed front porch. Lovely bulky, window-blocking air conditioner, lovely towel shoved in the window, lovely picture window (I HATE those!), lovely hideous art left by previous renter, lovely tacky headboards in their "before condition".
So, here's my blank canvas. This room is coming along very slowly but sometimes that means that something really wonderful is coming and I just haven't gotten to it yet!

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